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Essentials Of Strategic Management

  title={Essentials Of Strategic Management},
  author={J. David Hunger and Thomas L. Wheelen},
1. Basic Concepts of Strategic Management. 2. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. 3. Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis. 4. Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis. 5. Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy. 6. Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy. 7. Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice. 8. Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action. 9. Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Leading. 10. Evaluation and Control… 

Theoretical framework of strategic behaviors in Thai contractors

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze the differences of the influence of implication of perceptions of business environment on Thai contractors' strategic behaviors and strategic

The Mediating Effect of Culture on Management Succession and Corporate Growth Strategy among Local Family Businesses in the Manufacturing Sector in Nairobi County, Kenya

Family businesses exhibit one of the most fundamental characteristics of complexity theory – the interaction of three highly interdependent sub-systems.  Not only are the interactions between the

Strategic Management of Networks

Strategic management of a network organization is the set of managerial decisions and actions by which network management determines in advance what should be accomplished and how it should be

Strategic Innovation Decisions: What You Foresee Is Not What You Get

This research attempts to (1) identify the factors that influence strategic decision making (i.e., a choice made among various strategic options), and (2) establish their relative importance in the

Strategic management practices in the hotel industry of Thailand

The subject of strategic management has been studied for many decades but theoretical and empirical investigations of the strategic management area in the developing countries has remain limited.

Strategic Orientation Of HR Managers In Commercial Banks In

The research problem was formulated as: “With the increased emphasis on human capital as a global trend, what is the extent of strategic orientation of Human Resource Managers in South Asia?” The

Strategic Performance Measurement of Employees based on Project Efficiency and Effectiveness

One of the most important issues in strategic management is enhancing employees’ motivation to contribute in the implementation of strategies; because they usually do not pay necessary attention to

The Strategic Management Analysis of Wood Manufacturing Companies in Latvia-Interdisciplinary approach

Strategic management decision making is among the most complex functions in entrepreneurship, especially, in context of improvement of competitiveness level of enterprises. Topicality of the research

Integrated Information Systems and Information Systems Quality: Prospects for Analysis and Emerging Trends

The paper proposes a general review on Information Systems (IS), about their most critical aspects and their capability to support the management. At first, this study examines the role played by

Business Environment Analysis: Globalization Era Imperative For Small Scale Industries

Abstract It is of little use to look at only the structure and the internal environment of an organization without giving full weight to the external environment in which a business has to conduct