[Essential tremor. Clinical observations].


The authors have studied 53 patients with essential tremor, focusing its clinical and epidemiological aspects. There were familial history in 37.70% of all cases, prevailing in females (56.60%) and white people (69.80%); nevertheless this difference can not be assured from the statistical point of view due to lack of population data. We agreed that the main incidence of this syndrome occurred beyond the 5th decade, specially during the 6th and 7th decades. Topographically, we could observe that the hand tremor predominanted, with an incidence of 96.20% of the total number of cases, followed by head tremor (28.30%), voice tremor (16.99%), leg tremor (11.30%), tongue tremor (3.78%) and trunk tremor (1.88%). These focal tremors were seldom observed alone and we noted frequent association with hand tremor.

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