Essential tori in spaces of symplectic embeddings

  title={Essential tori in spaces of symplectic embeddings},
  author={Julian Chaidez and Mihail Munteanu},
  journal={Algebraic \& Geometric Topology},
Given two $2n$--dimensional symplectic ellipsoids whose symplectic sizes satisfy certain inequalities, we show that a certain map from the $n$--torus to the space of symplectic embeddings from one ellipsoid to the other induces an injective map on singular homology with mod $2$ coefficients. The proof uses parametrized moduli spaces of $J$--holomorphic cylinders in completed symplectic cobordisms. 



Noncontractible loops of symplectic embeddings between convex toric domains

  • M. Munteanu
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Symplectic Geometry
  • 2020
Given two 4-dimensional ellipsoids whose symplectic sizes satisfy a specified inequality, we prove that a certain loop of symplectic embeddings between the two ellipsoids is noncontractible. The

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