Essential roles of Snf5p in Snf-Swi chromatin remodeling in vivo.

  title={Essential roles of Snf5p in Snf-Swi chromatin remodeling in vivo.},
  author={Fuqiang Geng and Yi Cao and Brehon C. Laurent},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={21 13},
Snf-Swi, the prototypical ATP-dependent nucleosome-remodeling complex, regulates transcription of a subset of yeast genes. With the exception of Snf2p, the ATPase subunit, the functions of the other components are unknown. We have investigated the role of the conserved Snf-Swi core subunit Snf5p through characterization of two conditional snf5 mutants. The mutants contain single amino acid alterations of invariant or conserved residues that abolish Snf-Swi-dependent transcription by distinct… CONTINUE READING

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