Essential relativity

  title={Essential relativity},
  author={Wolfgang Rindler},

The Hafele-Keating Circumnavigating Atomic Clock Experiment and the Newton-Voigt Relativistic Space-time Transformation

Quick Response Code Abstract: The Lorentz transformation (LT) has been shown to be self-contradictory (Clock Puzzle). The reason is because it predicts both proportional time dilation and the remote

Hodographs of the Gravitational Two-Body System and Discrepancies between Newtonian Laws of Equivalent Kepler Orbits and General Relativity

We show first that an orbit, which is naturally characterized by its eccentricity and semi-latus rectum, can equally be characterized by other sets of parameters, and proceed to determine

On the Asymmetry in Relativistic Doppler Shifts Caused by Time Dilation: Proposed Two-way Experiment

There are two factors responsible for the relativistic Doppler effect. One of these contributions is of first-order in the velocity of the light source relative to the observer and is nonrelativistic

Extension of Schiff's Gravitational Scaling Method to Compute the Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury

A theoretical approach proposed by Schiff in 1960 to determine the angle of displacement of star images during solar eclipses has been extended to enable calculation of planetary trajectories around

The fate of a gravitational wave in de Sitter spacetime

If we want to explain the recently discovered accelerated stage of the universe, one of the option we have is to modify the Einstein tensor. The simplest such modification, in agreement with all

A direct consequence of the Expansion of Space

Consider radar ranging of a distant galaxy in a Friedman-Lemaitre cosmological model. In this model the comoving coordinate of the galaxy is constant; hence, the equations of null geodesics for

Existence of Noncompact Static Spherically Symmetric Solutions of Einstein SU(2)-Yang–Mills Equations

Abstract: We consider static spherically symmetric solutions of the Einstein equations with cosmological constant Λ coupled to the SU(2)-Yang–Mills equations that are smooth at the origin r=0. We

Scale invariance, horizons, and inflation

Maxwell equations and the equations of General Relativity are scale invariant in empty space. The presence of charge or currents in electromagnetism or the presence of matter in cosmology are

Saha Equation for Partially Ionized Relativistic HydrogenPlasma in Rindler Space

It is well-known that the conventional Lorentz transformations are the spacetime coordinate transformations between two inertial frames of references [1]. However, following the principle of