Essential oils of the inflorescences and leaves ofZiziphora brevicalyx

  title={Essential oils of the inflorescences and leaves ofZiziphora brevicalyx},
  author={Kh. K. Dzhumaev and I. Zenkevich and K. Tkachenko and I. A. Tsibul'skaya},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
its initial volume a precipitate deposited in the form of a greenish yellow crystalline powder, mp 185-186"C, yield 5%, calculated on the absolutely dry raw material. An aglycon with mp 306-307"C was obtained by acid hydrolysis; rhamnose and glucose were detected in the sugar fraction. Enzymatic hydrolysis showed the presence of rutinose. A comparative UV analysis of the substance that we had isolated and the aglycon with standard rutin and quercetin using complex-forming and ionizing reagents… Expand

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