Essential oil exposures in Australia: analysis of cases reported to the NSW Poisons Information Centre

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Toxic plants in grasslands in the Netherlands

The plants mentioned in this review are based on a spreadsheet with meadow plants, biological actions and health effects composed by Davide Angelucci in 2020, and some additions from literature.

Essential oils and their bioactive molecules in healthcare

Type and magnitude of non-compliance and adulteration in neroli, mandarin and bergamot essential oils purchased on-line: potential consumer vulnerability

These products are made available to the market without control and liability by resellers and could expose the public to safety issues, in addition to commercial prejudice, in sharp contrast with the ever-increasing regulations applying to the sector and the high demand of consumers for safe, controlled and traceable products in fragrances and cosmetic products.

A taxonomy of risk-associated alternative health practices: A Delphi study.

An initial taxonomy of risk‐associated alternative health care practices was identified and categorized into general practices that conflict with biomedical care or largely untested therapies, alternative beliefs systems, physical manipulative alternative therapies, and herbal and nutritional supplements.

Safety Profile of Essential Oils

Common adverse effects of essential oils like sensitization and dermatitis but also more severe phenomena like neurotoxicity will be presented in detail, concerning their epidemiology, mechanism and clinical significance.



Use of complementary medicine products: a nationally representative cross-sectional survey of 2019 Australian adults

Given the number of Australians using both CM products and pharmaceutical medicines, it is important to evaluate the potential clinical implications of such practices to ensure safe, effective and coordinated health policy and patient care.

Essential oil poisoning.

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2015 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ National Poison Data System (NPDS): 33rd Annual Report

These data support the continued value of PC expertise and need for specialized medical toxicology information to manage more serious exposures, despite a decrease in calls involving lessserious exposures, according to the near real-time, always current status of NPDS.

Essential oil poisoning: N-acetylcysteine for eugenol-induced hepatic failure and analysis of a national database

Recent growth in aromatherapy sales has been accompanied by an unfortunate increase in accidental poisoning from these products, and clove oil warrants special attention.