Essential functions of Pax-5 (BSAP) in pro-B cell development.

  title={Essential functions of Pax-5 (BSAP) in pro-B cell development.},
  author={Stephen L Nutt and Claire Th{\'e}venin and Meinrad Busslinger},
  volume={198 1-3},
Pax-5 codes for the transcription factor BSAP which is expressed in all B-lymphoid tissues in addition to the developing central nervous system and testis. Within the B-lymphoid lineage, Pax-5 expression is already detected in the earliest B cell progenitors and persists up to the mature B cell stage. Targeted inactivation of the Pax-5 gene in the mouse germline revealed a differential dependency of fetal and adult B-lymphopoiesis on this transcription factor. Pax-5 is required for the… CONTINUE READING


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