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Essays on global non-market strategy

  title={Essays on global non-market strategy},
  author={Rafael Lucea},
This dissertation is centrally concerned with the management of a firm's global nonmarket environment. The non-market environment of a given firm is conceived as the set of relationships, confrontational or collaborative, that it establishes with actors other than its clients, suppliers and competitors. Because the actions carried out by non-market actors increasingly span multiple country borders, the appropriate level of analysis of this phenomenon is the global arena. In order to better… Expand
Business as usual? An exploration of the determinants of success in the multinational transfer of corporate responsibility initiatives
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Strategic Management For Large Engineering Projects: The Stakeholder Value Network Approach
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Stakeholders, issues and the shaping of large engineering projects
  • Wen Feng
  • Engineering
  • Public–Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development
  • 2019
A critical element in the shaping of large engineering projects (LEPs) is associated with the multi-type and networked relationships between LEPs and their stakeholders in both market and nonmarketExpand
Dependency structure matrix modelling for stakeholder value networks
Citation Wen Feng; Edward F. Crawley; Olivier de Weck; Rene Keller; Bob Robinson. :Dependency structure matrix modelling for stakeholder value networks". Proceedings of the 12th International DSMExpand


Sovereignty@Bay: Globalization, Multinational Enterprise, and the International Political System
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