Essays on Descartes' Meditations

  title={Essays on Descartes' Meditations},
  author={Am{\'e}lie Oksenberg Rorty},
The essays in this volume form a commentary on "Descartes' Meditations". Following the sequence of the meditational stages, the authors analyze the function of each stage in transforming the reader, to realize his essential nature as a rational inquirer, capable of scientific, demonstrable knowledge of the world. There are essays on the genre of meditational writing, on the implications of the opening cathartic section of the book on Descartes' theory of perception and his use of skeptical… Expand
Descartes and the Augustinian Tradition of Devotional Meditation: Tracing a Minim Connection
Contemporary discussions on the literary format of Descartes's Meditations typically focus on two issues. The first is whether Descartes's text resembles and is possibly influenced by the genre ofExpand
Cartesian Meditation and the Pursuit of Virtue
In this chapter, I analyze a contemporary debate concerning a central aspect of Descartes’s Meditations. The debate concerns the proper way to respond to the question “Who is the CartesianExpand
Rene Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy in Focus
This volume presents the excellent and popular translation by Haldane and Ross of Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy, an introduction by Stanley Tweyman which explores the relevance ofExpand
The Nature and Relation of the Three Proofs of God's Existence in Descates' Meditations
My aim in this paper is to examine the nature of and the relation between Descartes ' three proofs of God 's existence in the Meditations. Within this aim I want to pursue and argue threeExpand
Withdrawal from the Senses and Cartesian Physics in the "Meditations"
Descartes identifies withdrawal of the mind from the senses as one of the greatest benefits of the First Meditation doubt. This paper develops an account of how withdrawal from the senses servesExpand
Teresa, Descartes, and de Sales: the art of Augustinian meditation
ABSTRACT There are longstanding debates regarding the extent to which Descartes’s Meditations can be connected to the genre of devotional meditations popular in the sixteenth and seventeenthExpand
Descartes and the Passionate Mind
Descartes is often accused of having fragmented the human being into two independent substances, mind and body, with no clear strategy for explaining the apparent unity of human experience. DeborahExpand
Descartes's Peepshow
Is Descartes the most misunderstood philosopher in the history of philosophy? To many of us in the business of Descartes scholarship, it certainly seems so. Time and time again, we fi nd ourselvesExpand
La teoría de las ideas de Descartes
Against standard readings of Descartes as philosophy of mind’s “villain”, because of his dualism (Ryle), his subjetivism (followers of the second Wittgestein), or his individualism (Burge), thisExpand
Ideia, ser objetivo e realidade objetiva nas "Meditações" de Descartes
My aim in this article is to answer the question: is the Cartesian Theory of Ideas a direct realist or a representationalist theory? To answer this question, I analyze the notions of idea, objectiveExpand