Essay on a Flapjack: Philology and the Urvolk

  title={Essay on a Flapjack: Philology and the Urvolk},
  author={Dillon Bustin},
  journal={Journal of Folklore Research},
  pages={117 - 140}
  • Dillon Bustin
  • Published 2009
  • History
  • Journal of Folklore Research
  • After surveying some familiar territory regarding the field’s formulation in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this essay probes far deeper into the past to conjecture on a prehistoric, metaphorical extension of a word for unleavened bread batter to a word for people. Such an etymology, with origins in the ancient hearth of Indo-European nationalities, may provide insight into the variable implications of “folk,” disparaging or complimentary, when it is deployed as a term of rhetoric… CONTINUE READING