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Esquisse d'une sémiophysique

  title={Esquisse d'une s{\'e}miophysique},
  author={Ren{\'e} Thom},
Scientific Models Are Not Fictions - Model-Based Science as Epistemic Warfare
  • L. Magnani
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • Philosophy and Cognitive Science
  • 2012
The main aim is to revise and criticize fictionalism, also reframing the received idea of abstractness and ideality of models with the help of recent results coming from the area of distributed cognition and abductive cognition. Expand
René Thom's Semiotics and Its Sources
This paper introduces to the sources of René Thom’s theory of meaning. It does so in an almost systematic, yet unhierarchical manner, by way of encyclopedic entries, as it were. However, the firstExpand
Morphogenesis and animistic moments: On social formation and territorial production
This article explores the issue of morphogenesis and metamorphosis in socio-spatial formations. The specific key is what we propose to call the ‘animistic moment’ in form-taking processes. We believeExpand
The Visible: Element of the Social
In the context of a social-theoretical take on the link between social life and visibility, this paper invites to shift the focus from visibility phenomena to the visible. A theory of visibility, itExpand
Les systèmes de connaissances
Human knowledge has always been an object of research. Social systems have generated huge Knowledge Capital, depending on their project and their environment. These sets of knowledge are structuredExpand
Compositional Procedures in Electronic Music and the Emergence of Time Continuum
We introduce an analytical methodology to approach the perception of time in the electronic works Thema: Omaggio a Joyce (1958), by Luciano Berio, and Gesang der Jünglinge (1955–6), by KarlheinzExpand
Interconnections between form and matter in twentieth-century Murano glass
The digitisation and cataloguing of the Seguso Vetri d’Arte archive –together with other archives of glass factories preserved in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice– has led to the analysis notExpand
The Sensemaking Process of Academic Inclusion Experience: A Semiotic Research Based upon the Innovative Narrative Methodology of “upside-down-world”
Authors discuss the topic of inclusion process in academic education from a semiotic and dynamic perspective. Inclusive experience in educational and academic context is constructed through theExpand
Urban phases: Crystallisation
Abstract An analysis of the city through its crystallising processes is here proposed. Because crystallisation involves phase transition, a review of the latter, as well of the notion of phase in itsExpand
Convexity in Greek antiquity
We consider several appearances of the notion of convexity in Greek antiquity, more specifically in mathematics and optics, in the writings of Aristotle, and in art.