Esperamicins, a class of potent antitumor antibiotics: mechanism of action.

  title={Esperamicins, a class of potent antitumor antibiotics: mechanism of action.},
  author={Byron Long and Jerzy Golik and Salvatore Forenza and Brian Ward and R Rehfuss and James C. Dabrowiak and Joseph J. Catino and S T Musial and K W Brookshire and Terrence W. Doyle},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={86 1},
The esperamicins represent a class of antitumor antibiotics characterized by an unusual chemical core structure and extremely potent cytotoxicity. The mechanism by which these drugs produce cytotoxicity was investigated and found to be related to the formation of single- and double-strand DNA breaks. Using five structurally related analogs, we defined a structure-activity relationship for cytotoxicity in various eukaryotic and DNA-repair-deficient prokaryotic cell lines, for DNA breakage in a… CONTINUE READING

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