Espectrometria de raios gama e emissão de radônio em solos da região do Maciço Sienítico Piquiri (Cachoeira do Sul e Encruzilhada do Sul, RS)

  title={Espectrometria de raios gama e emiss{\~a}o de rad{\^o}nio em solos da regi{\~a}o do Maciço Sien{\'i}tico Piquiri (Cachoeira do Sul e Encruzilhada do Sul, RS)},
  author={Gibran Romero-Mujalli and Ar{\'i} Roisenberg},
This study was focused in performing a gamma radiation survey and measurements of radon concentration in soils from the Piquiri Syenite Massif, an intrusion located at central area of the Rio Grande do Sul State. This intrusion has alkaline affiliation with high concentrations of uranium in accessory minerals as zircon, sphene, apatite, and others. The gamma radiation measurements were made considering a grid with squares about 2 km side each, using the gamma spectrometer RS-125, obtaining… CONTINUE READING