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Espace et politique : le droit à la ville II

  title={Espace et politique : le droit {\`a} la ville II},
  author={Henri Lef{\`e}bvre},
Repenser la centralité : L’exemple d’une ville moyenne française
L’article entend montrer que le concept de « centralite » developpe par Henri Lefebvre ainsi que l’opposition entre centre et peripherie doivent etre reinterroges au regard du processus d’etalement
Financiarización, valorización inmobiliaria del capital y mercantilización de la metamorfosis urbana
Throughout the late decades of the last century, because of the imposition of a new capitalist structure based on the predominance of financial markets over the productive ones, there was a rupture
Henri Lefebvre’s Urban Critical Theory: Rethinking the City against Capitalism
ABSTRACT In the article the author highlights the main ways of the Lefebvrian sociological analysis conceived starting from the transformations of the city in the Fordist era: From the production of
Reconsidering ‘Desire’ and ‘Style’: A Lefebvrian Approach to Democratic Orientation in Planning
In Henri Lefebvre’s theory, the space in process of social production is regarded as the very condition of accomplishing the ‘desire’ to do or to create something. This article argues that we need to
Claiming the City through the Cape Verdean Festivities of Kola San Jon in Lisbon: A Lefebvrian Case Study
ABSTRACT As cities experience the effects of increasing inequalities, so social movements, scholars and even mainstream institutions are once again placing Lefebvre's notion of the “right to the
Citizen Participation, Associations, and Conflict: The Transformation of Valparaíso’s Former Prison
After a long period of dictatorship in Latin America, the quality and deepening of democracy have been associated with citizen participation. This article examines the social uses of the notion of
Reversing Uncontrolled and Unprofitable Urban Expansion in Africa through Special Economic Zones: An Evaluation of Ethiopian and Zambian Cases
Despite the growing attention on uncontrolled and unprofitable urban sprawling in many African countries, few pragmatic solutions have been raised or effectively implemented. While uncontrolled and
Belgeo, 1 | 2013
The paper is based on first results of the EUBORDERSCAPES project supported by the 7th European Framework Programme and revisits a number of major themes and concepts that have been important for the
Résister aux projets d’aménagement, politiser les territoires
Nous souhaitons ici formuler l’hypothese selon laquelle les resistances aux projets d’amenagement peuvent etre l’occasion d’une (re)politisation des territoires. En decortiquant trois cas de luttes
Bordering, Political Landscapes and Social Arenas: Potentials and Challenges of Evolving Border Concepts in a post- Cold War World
  • Art
  • 2018
Executive Summary: Dramatic situations at and around Europe’s borders have become part of everyday life and they trouble us for many reasons. Not only does the steady stream of people seeking safety