Esophagectomy: definitive treatment for esophageal neuromotor dysfunction.


Twenty-two patients with a history of between one and four (average of two) unsuccessful prior esophageal operations for neuromotor dysfunction were treated with esophageal resection and replacement. Eleven (50%) had recurred reflux esophagitis in association with various disorders of motility: esophageal spasm in 4, achalasia in 3, scleroderma in 2, and… (More)


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@article{Orringer1982EsophagectomyDT, title={Esophagectomy: definitive treatment for esophageal neuromotor dysfunction.}, author={Mark B. Orringer and Jay S. Orringer}, journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery}, year={1982}, volume={34 3}, pages={237-48} }