Esophageal metastasis of breast carcinoma.

  title={Esophageal metastasis of breast carcinoma.},
  author={Yasuo Wada and Nobuko Harada and Kazuhiro Ohara and Hironori Kawata and Hironori Iwasaki and Yuuichiro Kawamura and Takashi Gomi and Masahiro Ohtoshi and Yasuaki Nakashima},
  journal={Breast cancer},
  volume={16 2},
Esophageal metastasis from primary breast cancer is an unusual manifestation. We recently treated a patient with dysphagia, whose breast cancer had been treated in the distant past. A 70-year-old woman had been followed regularly in our outpatient clinic for 14 years after her primary breast cancer treatment, with no apparent tumor recurrence. After 2 years absence, she consulted our clinic with progressive dysphagia. Contrast esophagography and endoscopic examination with ultrasonography… CONTINUE READING
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