Esophageal elastance in anesthetized humans.

  title={Esophageal elastance in anesthetized humans.},
  author={G{\"o}ran Hedenstierna and P. O. J{\"a}rnberg and L Torsell and Ilan Gottlieb},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology: respiratory, environmental and exercise physiology},
  volume={54 5},
Esophageal elastance (Ees) was measured in 13 human subjects, awake and anesthetized by halothane, in the supine and left lateral postures. Static esophageal pressure was measured by an esophageal balloon catheter, respiratory volumes by pneumotachography, and functional residual capacity (FRC) by body plethysmography. In the supine awake subject, Ees averaged 3 cmH2O/ml at FRC and increased significantly with lung volume. Ees remained unaltered at FRC during anesthesia in the supine position… CONTINUE READING