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Esophageal Carcinoma in Rats Induced by N-Amyl-N-Methylnitrosamine

  title={Esophageal Carcinoma in Rats Induced by N-Amyl-N-Methylnitrosamine},
  author={紀文 飯塚 and 市村 セツ子 and 卓 河内},
  • 飯塚 紀文, 市村 セツ子, 河内 卓
  • Published 1980
  • Chemistry
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    Esophageal carcinoma in house musk shrews,Suncus murinus (insectivora), induced by N-methyl-N′-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine
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    Light and electron microscopic and autoradiographic studies onN-methyl-N-amylnitrosamine-induced rat esophageal carcinogenesis
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    Immunohistochemical reaction patterns of keratins in MNNG-induced shrew oesophageal carcinomas
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