Escursione lungo il litorale “piceno”

  title={Escursione lungo il litorale “piceno”},
  author={Alessio Acciarri and Carlo Bisci and Gino Cantalamessa and Giorgio Di Pancrazio and Federico Spagnoli},
At the end of the National Symposium “Coastal erosion: defense, adaptation or withdrawal?”, organized by the Italian National Group for the Research on Coastal Environment (GNRAC), a short (half day) excursion has been organized to visit the “picena” coast (i.e. the portion of Marche littoral to the south of the Conero Mt.): some key location of which are here synthetically described. Namely, some of the main features of the coastline in Porto Sant’Elpidio, Porto Recanati and Sirolo are… CONTINUE READING