Escherichia coli CspA-family RNA chaperones are transcription antiterminators.

  title={Escherichia coli CspA-family RNA chaperones are transcription antiterminators.},
  author={Wanjun Bae and Bing Xia and M. Inouye and Konstantin Severinov},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={97 14},
CspA, the major cold-shock protein of Escherichia coli, is an RNA chaperone, which is thought to facilitate translation at low temperature by destabilizing mRNA structures. Here we demonstrate that CspA, as well as homologous RNA chaperones CspE and CspC, are transcription antiterminators. In vitro, the addition of physiological concentrations of recombinant CspA, CspE, or CspC decreased transcription termination at several intrinsic terminators and also decreased transcription pausing. In vivo… CONTINUE READING