Escherichia coli ß-galactosidase is heterogeneous with respect to a requirement for magnesium

  title={Escherichia coli \ss-galactosidase is heterogeneous with respect to a requirement for magnesium},
  author={Douglas B. Craig and Tara L. Hall and Douglas M. Goltz},
Commercially obtained E. coli ß-galactosidase was stored at 25 °C in buffer containing 1 mM MgCl2 and in buffer containing no added MgCl2. Samples were removed at set times and the activity of individual enzyme molecules assayed. When stored in the presence of 1 mM magnesium, the number of active molecules did not change over a 2.5-h period. When stored in the absence of added MgCl2, over half the enzyme molecules became inactive within the first hour. However, those molecules which retained… CONTINUE READING

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