Escala de Propensão ao Risco Específico – Domínios Evolutivos: adaptação e estrutura fatorial

  title={Escala de Propens{\~a}o ao Risco Espec{\'i}fico – Dom{\'i}nios Evolutivos: adaptaç{\~a}o e estrutura fatorial},
  author={Anna Beatriz Carnielli Howat-Rodrigues and Alexsandro Luiz de Andrade and Rosana Suemi Tokumaru},
Specific Risk - Taking Scale - Evolutionary Domains: adaptation and factorial structure This study aimed to adapt and collect evidence of validity for the factor structure of the Specific Risk-Taking Scale - Evolutionary Domains to Brazilians. Participants were 1244 people answering EPRE-DE and an online sociodemographic questionnaire. The exploratory and confirmatory analysis supported the bidimensional model (cohesion and competition) for the EPRE-DE, with satisfactory reability indexes for… CONTINUE READING


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