Erythropoietin-Receptor Gene Regulation in Neuronal Cells

  title={Erythropoietin-Receptor Gene Regulation in Neuronal Cells},
  author={Iwona Wallach and Juan Zhang and Anika Hartmann and Frank K. H. van Landeghem and Anna Ivanova and Martin Klar and Christof Dame},
  journal={Pediatric Research},
Because erythropoietin (Epo) is intensively studied as neuroprotective agent, Epo receptor (EpoR) regulation in neurons is of particular interest. Herein, we investigated molecular mechanisms of EpoR regulation in neuronal cells including the role of GATA transcription factors. First, developmental downregulation of EpoR expression in murine brain was observed. A differential expression pattern of the Gata factors was found in these specimens as well as in murine adult neural stem cells (NSC… CONTINUE READING