Erythropoietic suppression in fetal anemia because of Kell alloimmunization.

  title={Erythropoietic suppression in fetal anemia because of Kell alloimmunization.},
  author={Jim Vaughan and Ruth M. Warwick and Elizabeth A Letsky and Umberto Nicolini and C. H. Rodeck and Nicholas M Fisk},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={171 1},
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to test the hypothesis that maternal anti-Kell alloimmunization produces fetal anemia by erythroid suppression. STUDY DESIGN Erythropoiesis in 11 anemic fetuses from maternal anti-Kell alloimmunization was compared with that in 11 fetuses where the mother was alloimmunized to RhD; each was matched for hematocrit, gestational age, hydrops, and perinatal outcome. Comparisons of the difference were performed by either paired t or Wilcoxon tests. RESULTS The anti-Kell… CONTINUE READING

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