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Ertragsleistung und Rutingehalte verschiedenerBuchweizensorten unter ökologischen Anbaubedingungen

  title={Ertragsleistung und Rutingehalte verschiedenerBuchweizensorten unter {\"o}kologischen Anbaubedingungen},
  author={Mareike Goeritz and Ramin Kawiani and Ralf Loges and Kai Schwarz and Manfred K{\"a}mper and T. Ehmsen and Friedhelm Taube},
Buckwheat is an ancient traditional food and medicinal plant. In this study we investigated grain yield and rutin content of common (Bamby, Lileja, Hruszowska) and tataric (Lifago) buckwheat varieties under organic farming conditions at different N levels. Grain yield and rutin content were not significantly affected by the factors ‘year’ and ‘N-supply’. However, strong effects of the factor ‘variety’ could be determined. The tataric buckwheat Lifago showed highest grain and rutin yields…