Erstes Auftreten der elektrischen Entladungen bei einem jungen Mormyriden

  title={Erstes Auftreten der elektrischen Entladungen bei einem jungen Mormyriden},
  author={Andrea Heymer and Wim Harder},
the black moor goldfish skin, however, Takeuchi and Kajishima observed no such highly organized premelanosomes but only those of less organized internal structures [3, 4]. These observations were also confirmed in the retinal pigment cells of larval albino goldfish [5]. The present report deals with the internal structures of premelanosomes in melanophores of the guppy (Peociliidae; Pisces). Small pieces of tailfin of male guppy were fixed and embedded in Epon [6]. Ultrathin sections were… CONTINUE READING
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