Error analysis for CGH optical testing

  title={Error analysis for CGH optical testing},
  author={Yuchun Chang and J. Burge},
  booktitle={Optics + Photonics},
Computer generated holograms are widely used in optical testing and metrology. [...] Key Method A study using scalar diffraction model to simulate CGH fabrication errors and their effects on wavefront amplitude and phase functions are presented. Experimental analysis confirms the theoretical model. An example is given at the end to demonstrate one of the many applications of the wavefront sensitivity functions in CGH error budgeting for optical metrology.Expand
Error analysis for aspheric surface testing system
Computer-generated holograms (CGHs) are commonly used in optical interferometry for producing reference wavefronts with desired shapes. Uncertainties from the computer generated hologram (CGH)Expand
Fabrication error analysis and experimental demonstration for computer-generated holograms.
A parametric model relating the wavefront errors to the CGH fabrication errors is introduced and methods for measuring the fabrication errors in the C GH substrate, duty cycle, etching depth, and effect of surface roughness are discussed. Expand
Computer-generated holograms for precision optical testing
A method of interferometrically measuring large convex lens with CGHs is adopted, and the results from a set of experiments that demonstrate the accuracy and simplicity of performing the holographic test are presented. Expand
Specification and characterization of CGHs for interferometrical optical testing
Different error types of two-level binary CGHs are identified and their contribution to the reconstructed wavefront are discussed: pattern errors of the CGH structure, duty cycle errors, surface figure errors ofThe CGH-substrate, etching depth variations in phase holograms and thickness variations of the chromium layer of amplitude chrome-type holograms. Expand
High-precision aspherical wavefront shaping with combined computer generated holograms
The problem of design and fabrication of metrological standards of aspherical wavefronts and aspherical surfaces is considered. Method for wavefront shaping by computer-generated hologram (CGH) isExpand
Optimal design of computer-generated holograms to minimize sensitivity to fabrication errors.
A parametric model is provided that can be used for optimizing the CGH design to give good diffraction efficiency and limited sensitivity to manufacturing errors. Expand
Twin-CGHs for absolute calibration in wavefront testing interferometry
A novel technique for absolute calibration the wavefront reconstructed by computer generated holograms (CGHs) is presented. It requires a specially designed multiplexed CGH (Twin-CGH), whichExpand
Coupling of surface roughness to the performance of computer-generated holograms.
A simplified model is developed and validated that treats the scattering loss from the roughness as an amplitude effect and is used for engineering analysis and a graphical method for understanding the application is provided. Expand
Testing the effect of computer-generated hologram fabrication error in a cylindrical interferometry system
Abstract This paper presents a method of testing the effect of computer-generated hologram (CGH) fabrication error in a cylindrical interferometry system. An experimental system is developed forExpand
Freeform mirror fabrication and metrology using a high performance test CGH and advanced alignment features
The metrology of mirrors with an off-axis aspheric or freeform shape can be based on optical testing using a Computer Generated Hologram as wavefront matching element in an interferometric setup.Expand


The binary linear diffraction model is introduced to study wavefront phase errors caused by substrate figure errors, pattern distortion, grating duty-cycle and etching depth errors and to identify hologram structures that are the most sensitive, as well as the least sensitive to fabrication uncertainties. Expand
Computer-generated Holograms for Testing Optical Elements: Error Analysis and Error Compensation
It is shown that a dual synthetic hologram exhibits special advantages and a compromise has to be made in reducing both the errors caused by binarization and distortions in the hologram diagram. Expand
Applications of computer-generated holograms for interferometric measurement of large aspheric optics
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  • 1995
Interferometric optical testing using computer-generated holograms (CGH's) has proven to give highly accurate measurements of aspheric surfaces. New applications of CGH interferometry were developedExpand
Introduction to Fourier optics
The second edition of this respected text considerably expands the original and reflects the tremendous advances made in the discipline since 1968. All material has been thoroughly updated andExpand
Binary fraunhofer holograms, generated by computer.
A theory for binary holograms is developed that is equivalent in terms of image reconstruction with ordinary holograms, proven theoretically and verified experimentally. Expand
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