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Error Bounds for Arbitrary Approximations of "Nearly Reversible" Markov Chains and an Aloha-Applications

  title={Error Bounds for Arbitrary Approximations of "Nearly Reversible" Markov Chains and an Aloha-Applications},
  author={N. Dijk and P. Veltkamp},
  journal={Serie Research Memoranda},
A condition is provided to conclude error bounds for an arbitrary steady state approximation of a "nearly reversible" Markov chain. The error bound is of the form A.R, where (i) A can be computed merely by the approximation in order, (ii) R is to be obtained by bounding so-called bias terms for the system of interest. This can be established analytically. The results will be illustrated for ALOHA-type systems with different source characteristics. An approximation is suggested based on… Expand
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