Erratum to “Characterization of Selective Antibacterial Peptides by Polarity Index”

  title={Erratum to “Characterization of Selective Antibacterial Peptides by Polarity Index”},
  author={Carlos Polanco and Jos{\'e} Lino Samaniego and Thomas Buhse and F. G. Mosqueira and Alicia Negr{\'o}n-Mendoza and Sergio Ramos-Bernal and Jorge Alberto Casta{\~n}{\'o}n-Gonz{\'a}lez},
  booktitle={International journal of peptides},
In the recent decades, antibacterial peptides have occupied a strategic position for pharmaceutical drug applications and became subject of intense research activities since they are used to strengthen the immune system of all living organisms by protecting them from pathogenic bacteria. This work proposes a simple and easy statistical/computational method through a peptide polarity index measure by which an antibacterial peptide subgroup can be efficiently identified, that is, characterized by… CONTINUE READING