Erratum to: Navigating Community Institutions: Black Transgender Women’s Experiences in Schools, the Criminal Justice System, and Churches

  title={Erratum to: Navigating Community Institutions: Black Transgender Women’s Experiences in Schools, the Criminal Justice System, and Churches},
  author={Louis F. Graham and Halley P. Crissman and Jack Ume Tocco and William D. Lopez and Rachel C. Snow and Mark Padilla},
  journal={Sexuality Research and Social Policy},
Young transgender women, especially those of color, are negatively impacted by suicidality, HIV, residential instability, survival sex work, and other challenges. This study used an oral narrative approach to collect life histories of 10 young black transwomen between 18 and 24 years of age residing in Detroit, Michigan. This study used grounded theory analysis to explore institutional violence, discrimination, and harassment (VDH). Participants described their experiences navigating three… 
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Intersections of LGBTI Exclusion and Discrimination in Thailand: the Role of Socio-Economic Status
Previous studies have found that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in Thailand experience discrimination and exclusion based on their non-normative sexes, genders,
Disproportionality and Disparities among Sexual Minority Youth in Custody
Sexual minority youth, defined as both lesbian, gay, and bisexual identified youth as well as youth who identified as straight and reported some same-sex attraction, were also 2–3 times more likely than heterosexual youth to report prior episodes of detention lasting a year or more.
Intimate Partner Violence Among Transgender Youth: Associations with Intrapersonal and Structural Factors.
Structural results found that TGNC youth experiencing extreme victimization, a history of incarceration, and participation in sex work were much more likely to report IPV, and the only intrapersonal variable that was associated with IPV was depressive symptomatology; however, this relationship was strong.
It is complicated: gender and sexual orientation identity in LGBTQ youth.
Adolescent sexual orientation and gender identity are complex and nuanced and nurses in clinical practice need to be aware of the sometimes complicated nature of adolescent identity and its related terminology so that they can ask relevant questions and provide culturally safe care.
The Mental Health of Transgender Youth: Advances in Understanding.
Sexual and Gender Identity Development in Young Adults and Implications for Healthcare
Key improvements in provider knowledge, healthcare systems, quality of care, and support for SGMY and their families are needed.
An Ecological Framework for Transgender Inclusive Family Therapy
Despite current demands for transgender inclusive family therapy, family therapy training programs provide limited coursework on gender identity and inclusive practice. As a result, written resources


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students: Perceived Social Support in the High School Environment
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth (LGBT) continue to face extreme discrimination within the school environment. Existing literature suggests that LGBT youth are at high risk for a number
Religiosity as a protective factor against HIV risk among young transgender women.
Perceived Risks and Benefits of Sex Work among Transgender Women of Color in San Francisco
It is revealed that transgender women of color who engage in sex work have unique needs and experiences that must be addressed through structural and social network-based interventions to minimize their vulnerability to social and public health harms.
Overlooked, misunderstood and at-risk: exploring the lives and HIV risk of ethnic minority male-to-female transgender youth.
Transgender Youth
Three focus groups were designed to probe transgender youths' experiences of vulnerability in the areas of health and mental health, which involved their exposure to risks, discrimination, marginalization, and their access to supportive resources.
Transgender HIV prevention: a qualitative needs assessment.
Findings indicated that HIV/AIDS compounds stigmatization related to transgender identity, interferes with sexual experimentation during the transgender 'coming out' process, and may interfere with obtaining sex reassignment.
Transgender Female Youth and Sex Work: HIV Risk and a Comparison of Life Factors Related to Engagement in Sex Work
HIV prevention efforts for this population need to include broad-based approaches that take into account individual, social, and community-level factors relevant to the lives of transgender female youth.
Hatred in the Hallways: Violence and Discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students in U.S. Schools
Abstract This report contains evidence of the substantial failure of the government at the local, state, and federal level to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students from human
Spirituality, Transgender Identity, and Coming Out
In a number of cultures (e.g., Native American and Asian communities), the transgender experience has held positive, spiritual meanings—a value often denied to transgender people in today's Western