Erratum to: Mind Reading and the Art of Drafting Medical Opinions in Veterans Benefits Claims

  title={Erratum to: Mind Reading and the Art of Drafting Medical Opinions in Veterans Benefits Claims},
  author={James D. Ridgway},
  journal={Psychological Injury and Law},
  • J. Ridgway
  • Published 29 June 2012
  • Law
  • Psychological Injury and Law
The Department of Veterans Affairs' disability com- pensation program is distinctly different from other benefits systems and legal claims of disability. A medical professional seeking to provide evidence to be used in deciding such a claim must understand how that evidence fits into the process so that he or she may present a complete and useful opinion. This article assists those providing expert opinions in veterans bene- fits claims by describing: (a) the kinds of adjudicators who will… 
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Assessing Veteran Symptom Validity

The accurate assessment of veteran symptom validity is a type of disciplined and reasoned inquiry towards the truth. This inquiry includes a two-part recognition (1) that assessing veteran

Core Competencies in VA Compensation and Pension Exams for PTSD and Other Mental Disorders

The concept of core competencies has in recent years seen a rising interest as the mental health field has increasingly focused on empirically validated approaches to assessment and intervention. VA

Conducting Veteran Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Exams: Establishing a Nexus Between Mental Health and Death

This article seeks to provide a resource for mental health professionals providing medical opinions in DIC claims involving questions of whether a veteran’s service-connected mental illness contributed substantially to their death.



Lessons the Veterans Benefits System Must Learn on Gathering Expert Witness Evidence

Once Congress adopts changes to evidence-gathering procedures for veterans benefits claims, claims will be decided far faster, tremendous resources will be freed at VA that are currently devoted to inefficient procedures, and veterans will believe that their claims are being decided fairly.

Stressor determinations for posttraumatic stress disorder. Final rule.

  • Psychology
    Federal register
  • 2010
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is amending its adjudication regulations governing service connection for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by liberalizing in some cases the evidentiary

The Advent of the Modern Child and Student

It is ironic that a sickly boy mistreated by his stepmother and who was denied his beloved schooling by his family1 would paint a serene image of childhood laced with nostalgia, such as Seated Boy

Voices-Bizarre accounting rules made the NHS deficit worse, says Sharon Dennis.

  • S. Dennis
  • Medicine
    Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)
  • 2007
Whenever I have contact with finance department colleagues I feel as though the authors speak different languages, not that NHS finances are complicated, but that I just cannot grasp the concepts.

Mice enhance their image

  • Z. Ronai
  • Biology
    Pigment cell & melanoma research
  • 2011
The cover of this issue depicts real time assessment of mouse embryo melanocytes, identified by GFP-labeling and the first published use of this model to follow melanocyte response to UV irradiation and the discovery that interferon-c is an important mediator of this response.

Persistent parvovirus B19 infection

Treatment of chronic infection with parvovirus B19 is with immunoglobulin, which often leads to a marked reduction in the level of B19 viraemia, and resolution of the anaemia within 1–2 weeks of treatment.

Informationen zur Facharztprüfung Augenheilkunde und Optometrie

Bewertung: Die Bewertung erfolgt ausschlieBlich mit ,bestanden" oder ,,nicht bestanden". Innerhalb von 8 Wochen ab dem Prufungstermin werden die Kandidaten vom Prufungsergebnis schriftlich

Large Deviations for Quadratic Functionals of Gaussian Processes

AbstractThe Large Deviation Principle (LDP) is derived for several quadratic additive functionals of centered stationary Gaussian processes. For example, the rate function corresponding to $$1/T\int