Erratum to: Microsatellite records for volume 7, issue 4

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Rose Komugisha Basiita • J. Henrich Bruggemann • Nianhui Cai • Conchi Cáliz-Campal • Chen Chen • Jiawei Chen • L. Cizek • Pedro J. Cordero • Deborah A. Dawson • Yandong Ding • L. Drag • Anan Duan • Bruno Fogliani • Tian-xiang Gao • Pauline Gélin • Martin J. Genner • Zhi-Min Gu • Mireille M. M. Guillaume • Jian-Lin Guo • Chengzhong He • Peter M. Hollingsworth • Gavin J. Horsburgh • Miho Inoue-Murayama • Hideyuki Ito • Dean Robert Jerry • Yong-Yi Jia • Wen-Ping Jiang • Catherine S. Jones • David… 

Populations genetically rifting within a complex geological system: The case of strong structure and low genetic diversity in the migratory freshwater catfish, Bagrus docmak, in East Africa

Patterns of low genetic diversity and strong population structure revealed are consistent with speciation patterns that have been linked to the complex biogeography of East Africa, suggesting that these biogeographical features have operated as both macro‐ and micro‐evolutionary forces in the formation of the East African teleost fauna.

Does gene flow balance the effect of habitat fragmentation in a population of the hermit beetle Osmoderma barnabita?

Mating between close kin and recent colonisation from a small source are presented as a possible explanation for high inbreeding, low genetic diversity, and minimal population structure and the results suggest that the population can be treated as a single management unit.

Understanding the processes of diversification along the speciation continuum in a recent evolutionary radiation of grasshoppers

This study highlights the power of coalescent-based approaches to delimit taxa boundaries when handling large genomic datasets and indicates that integrating a broad suite of traits for the two sexes could be beneficial when aiming at determining species limits, particularly at early-stages of divergence where conflicting inferences are more prone to appear.

The role of environment and core‐margin effects on range‐wide phenotypic variation in a montane grasshopper

The Pyrenean Morales grasshopper is used as a study system to analyse the relative role of genetic drift and selection in range‐wide patterns of phenotypic differentiation and identify the potential selective agents responsible for variation.