Erratum to: “Measurement of φ meson parameters in K0LK0S decay mode with CMD-2”

  title={Erratum to: “Measurement of φ meson parameters in K0LK0S decay mode with CMD-2”},
  author={Sandra Henderson and Edward Anashkin and G{\"o}ran Lindstr{\"o}m and Vladimir M. Aulchenko and Richard O. Wilson and Lev M Barkov and Sefnat Baru and N. S. Bashtovoy and D. V. Chernyak and Alexander V. Bondar and A. Chertovskikh and A. S. Dvoretsky and Valery Victor Frolov and G. V. Fedotovich and Dmitriy V. Liventsev and Andrii Grebeniuk and D. N. Grigoriev and B. I. Khazin and Yu. M. Shatunov and Mohammed S. Alam and L. M. Kurdadze and Aleksey S. Kuzmin and Ivan B. Logashenko and Victor Manuel Villamil Romero and Alexsey P. Lysenko and K. Yu. Mikhaĭlov and Iu. N. Nesterenko and Vsevolod Okhapkin and E. A. Perevedentsev and Anatoliy A. Polunin and Edward Pozdeev and V. I. Ptitzyn and T. A. Purlatz and Masayuki Yamauchi and An. A. Ruban and N. Ryskulov and Alexander G. Shamov and Alisa Shekhtman and Hidetoshi Shibuya and Vladimir Anatolyevich Sidorov and Alexander N. Skrinsky and Vladimir Smakhtin and I. G. Snopkov and E. Solodov and Pavel Y. Stepanov and A. I. Sukhanov and Yu.V. Yudin and Sergei G. Zverev and Jeff D Thompson},

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