Errata: Corrections to two papers


p. 45, line 4: For “x[(i, l),(i,2m)],” read “x[(i, 2), (i,2m)].” p. 45, line 5: For “(1 <s < 2m),” read “(2 <s < 2m).” p. 45, line 11: For “in the top half of x,” read “in the [( 1,2), (m, Zm)]-segment of x.” p. 45, line 19: For “until H meets the symbol 1,” read “until H meets the symbol 1 for the first time.” p. 45, line 20: For “the (j m)th row,” read… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/0020-0255(80)90034-1

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@article{Inoue1980ErrataCT, title={Errata: Corrections to two papers}, author={Katsushi Inoue and Itsuo Takanami}, journal={Inf. Sci.}, year={1980}, volume={21}, pages={261-262} }