Erosive potential of different types of grape juices.

  title={Erosive potential of different types of grape juices.},
  author={Ginna K{\'e}rcia Matos Gonçalves and Camila de Almeida Brand{\~a}o Guglielmi and Fernanda Nah{\'a}s Pires C{\^o}rrea and Daniela Pr{\'o}cida Raggio and Maria Salete Nah{\'a}s Pires C{\^o}rrea},
  journal={Brazilian oral research},
  volume={26 5},
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the erosive potential of different types (concentrated and powdered) and commercial brands of industrialised grape juices. The pH of all five fruit drinks was measured at two time points: immediately after preparation and 24 hours later. Sixty specimens of bovine enamel were randomly allocated and immersed in different types of grape juice (n = 10) for 10 minutes four times a day for fifteen days. The enamel alteration was analysed using surface… CONTINUE READING