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Erosion of Icy Interstellar Objects by Cosmic Rays and Implications for `Oumuamua

  title={Erosion of Icy Interstellar Objects by Cosmic Rays and Implications for `Oumuamua},
  author={Vo Hong Minh Phan and Thiem C. Hoang and Abraham Loeb},
We study the destruction and modification of icy interstellar objects by cosmic rays and gas collisions. Using the cosmic-ray flux measured in the local interstellar medium as well as inferred from gammaray observations at the different galactocentric radii, we find that cosmic-ray erosion is significant for interstellar objects made of common types of ices. Interestingly, cosmic-ray heating might destroy icy interstellar objects very efficiently such that the initial size of an N2 fragment as… Expand
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Accepted for publication in New Astronomy, arXiv:2103.14032
  • 2021