Ermöglicht die dynamische kontrastverstärkte MRT die Detektion frakturgefährdeter Wirbelkörper beim Multiplen Myelom

  title={Erm{\"o}glicht die dynamische kontrastverst{\"a}rkte MRT die Detektion frakturgef{\"a}hrdeter Wirbelk{\"o}rper beim Multiplen Myelom},
  author={Axel Scherer and Hans-J{\"o}rg Wittsack and Volkher Engelbrecht and Corinna Strupp and Ludger Wilhelm Poll and Reinhart Willers and Peter B. Schneider and Norbert Gattermann and Rainer Haas and Ulrich M{\"o}dder},
Purpose: To compare the value of MRI sequences with dynamic MRI measurements (d-MRT) for the assessment of risk of lumbar vertebral fractures in patients with multiple myeloma. Material and Methods: In 10 patients with multiple myeloma a sagittal T 1 -, T 2 -weighted spin-echo and an inversion-recovery sequence were performed. For dynamic measurements a fast gradient-echo sequence (turbo fast low angle shot 2 D) with machine-controlled Gd-DTPA administration was used. The presence of bone… CONTINUE READING