Erik Demaine Scribe : Eric Price 1 Overview


• Comparison sort: O(n lg n) • Counting sort: O(n + u) = O(n + 2w) (= O(n) for w = lg n) • Radix sort: O(n · w lg n) (= O(n) for w = O(lg n)) • van Emde Boas: O(n lg w). For w = lg n, this is O(n lg lg n). This can be improved to O(n lg w lg n), making it better than the previous methods (Kirkpatrick and Reisch [7]). • Signature sort: O(n) for w = Ω(lg n). Combined with the previous result for small w, this gives sorting in O(n lg lg n) time for all word sizes. See Andersson, Hagerup, Nilsson, and Raman [2].

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