Eribulin -- a review of preclinical and clinical studies.

  title={Eribulin -- a review of preclinical and clinical studies.},
  author={Umang Swami and Imran Chaudhary and Mohammad H. Ghalib and Sanjay Goel},
  journal={Critical reviews in oncology/hematology},
  volume={81 2},
Eribulin mesylate is a non-taxane, structurally simplified, completely synthetic, halichondrin B derivative with an end poisoning, microtubule inhibitory action. Preclinical studies have demonstrated activity in various cancer cell lines and synergistic action with gemcitabine, epirubicin, trastuzumab, cisplatin, docetaxel and vinorelbine. Eribulin has recently been approved by United States Food and Drug Administration as a third line therapy for metastatic breast cancer patients, who have… CONTINUE READING


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