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Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting Proceedings of the Human Factors and

  title={Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting Proceedings of the Human Factors and},
  author={Timothy J. Smoker and Carrie E. Murphy and Alison K. Rockwell},
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The Interaction of Visual and Motor Memory for Graphic Forms following Tracing

  • C. Hulme
  • Psychology
    The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology
  • 1979
Results support the proposal that tracing produces a distinct motor memory trace and that this additional source of information aids visual recognition.

Learning through Hand- or Typewriting Influences Visual Recognition of New Graphic Shapes: Behavioral and Functional Imaging Evidence

Results provide strong arguments in favor of the view that the specific movements memorized when learning how to write participate in the visual recognition of graphic shapes and letters.

Repeated writing facilitates children’s memory for pseudocharacters and foreign letters

  • M. Naka
  • Education
    Memory & cognition
  • 1998
The results indicate that the writing action, rather than the use of stroke orders, is responsible for the effect, and that characters and letters were better recalled when learned by writing rather than by looking only.

Levels of processing: A framework for memory research

Review of An Experimental Study of Writing Movements.

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT)

  • Tallahassee, FL: Author.
  • 2007