Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete

  title={Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete},
  author={Ihrer Grenzgebiete and Theorie Der and Konvexen K{\"o}rper},
  journal={Sums of Independent Random Variables},

A new representation of the Ghirlanda-Guerra identities with applications

In this paper we obtain a new family of identities for random measures on the unit ball of a separable Hilbert space which arise as the asymptotic analogues of the Gibbs measures in the


m d f d fD 0 by studying the associated PDE 1 f fC m exp.2 f=m/D 0 for 0. By developing a gradient estimate for f , we show there are no nonconstant solutions. We then apply this to show that there

Fractal codimension of nilpotent contact points in two-dimensional slow-fast systems

Surjective morphisms onto subelliptic varieties

. We prove that every smooth subelliptic variety admits a surjective morphism from an affine space. This result gives partial answers to the questions of Arzhantsev and Forstneriˇc. As an application,

Sparse Equidistribution of Geometric Invariants of Real Quadratic Fields

Duke, Imamoḡlu, and Tóth have recently constructed a new geometric invariant, a hyperbolic orbifold, associated to each narrow ideal class of a real quadratic field. Furthermore, they have shown that

Fusion Frame Homotopy and Tightening Fusion Frames by Gradient Descent

Finite frames, or spanning sets for finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, are a ubiquitous tool in signal processing. There has been much recent work on understanding the global structure of collections

On the TAP equations via the cavity approach in the generic mixed $p$-spin models

In 1977, Thouless, Anderson, and Palmer (TAP) derived a system of consistent equations in terms of the effective magnetization in order to study the free energy in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK)

Pseudo-Néron Model and Restriction of Sections with an appendix by Jason Michael

  • Mathematics
  • 2022
We introduce the notion of pseudo-Néron model and give new examples of varieties admitting pseudo-Néron models other than Abelian varieties. As an application of pseudo-Néron models, given a scheme

Definite orthogonal modular forms: computations, excursions, and discoveries

We consider spaces of modular forms attached to definite orthogonal groups of low even rank and nontrivial level, equipped with Hecke operators defined by Kneser neighbours. After reviewing

On the distribution of rational points on ramified covers of abelian varieties

We prove new results on the distribution of rational points on ramified covers of abelian varieties over finitely generated fields $k$ of characteristic zero. For example, given a ramified cover $\pi



Part II Nori Motives

    The Diagram Category as a Category of

      195 8.4.1 The Space of Comparison Maps

        149 7.3.1 A Calculus of Tensors

          1.2 Explicit Construction of the Diagram Category

            212 9.2.1 Good Pairs and Good Filtrations