Ergativity in Inuktitut

  title={Ergativity in Inuktitut},
  author={Richard Compton},
The diachrony of morphosyntactic alignment
The survey shows that alignment type change may often occur when clauses denoting low transitivity are reanalyzed as clauses of either higher or lower syntactic valency, sometimes even introducing a partition in the verbal lexicon. Expand
Alignment shift as functional markedness reversal
It is claimed that both language groups are undergoing a parallel shift from ergative to accusative, since A-prominent constructions are functionally marked in more conservative varieties, but lose their functionally marked character and begin to function as unmarked transitive constructions in more innovative varieties. Expand
The Routledge Handbook of North American Languages
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Incorporating verbs in Inuktitut noun incorporation: Functional or lexical elements?
This paper focuses on the nature of incorporating verbs in Inuktitut noun incorporation, which have traditionally been treated as functional categories in the literature (Sapir 1911, Johns 2007,Expand