ErbB2 induces Notch1 activity and function in breast cancer cells.

  title={ErbB2 induces Notch1 activity and function in breast cancer cells.},
  author={Jaime Lindsay and Xuanmao Jiao and Toshiyuki Sakamaki and Mathew C. Casimiro and Lawrence Andrew Shirley and Thai Hong Tran and Xiaoming Ju and Manran Liu and Zhiping Li and Chenguang Wang and Sanjay K. Katiyar and M. Kalyana Kumar Rao and Kathleen G Allen and Robert I Glazer and Changhui Ge and Pamela Stanley and Michael Phillip Lisanti and Hallgeir Rui and Richard G. Pestell},
  journal={Clinical and translational science},
  volume={1 2},
The ErbB2 (Her2/neu epidermal growth receptor family) oncogene is overexpressed in 30% to 40% of human breast cancers. Cyclin D1 is the regulatory subunit of the holoenzyme that phosphorylates and inactivates the retinoblastoma (pRb) tumor suppressor and is an essential downstream target of ErbB2-induced tumor growth. Herein, we demonstrate that ErbB2 induces the activity of the Notch signaling pathway. ErbB2 induction of DNA synthesis, contact-independent growth, and mammosphere induction… CONTINUE READING
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