ErbB-4 Ribozymes Abolish Neuregulin-induced Mitogenesis 1

  title={ErbB-4 Ribozymes Abolish Neuregulin-induced Mitogenesis 1},
  author={Careen K. Tang and David John Goldstein and Jennifer and Payne and Frank Czubayko and Maurizio and Alimandi and Ling-Mei and Wang and Jacalyn and Halley Pierce and Marc E. Lippman},
The epidermal growth factor-like receptor tyrosine kinase (ErbB) fam ily is frequently overexpressed in a variety of human carcinomas, includ ing breast cancer. To assist in characterizing the role of ErbB-4 in breast cancer, we generated three specific hammerhead ribozymes targeted to the ErbB-4 m UNA. These ribozymes, Rz6, R/.2I. and Rz29, efficiently… CONTINUE READING