Erap shuns birth control, bats for "responsible parenthood".

  • Published 1998 in ReproWatch


Recently, the president of the Philippines made a public statement against the official government position of advocating freedom of choice in family planning. In announcing that he opposes "artificial birth control methods" to control population growth, Joseph Estrada noted that he was the eighth of 10 siblings and would not have been born if family planning (FP) had been available. Estrada, who has admitted fathering 10 children by different women, called for "responsible parenthood" but failed to explain what he means by this term. Estrada charged that efforts to promote FP have failed to reduce the rate of population growth in the Philippines and proposed that increased national productivity is a better way of responding to population growth. A representative of the Roman Catholic Church praised the president's stance, but the Department of Health Secretary said the president's statement was not inconsistent with the government's position on FP and would not trigger a change in policy.

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