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Equivariant Chern Weil Forms and The Families Index Theorem

  title={Equivariant Chern Weil Forms and The Families Index Theorem},
  author={Richard Wedeen},
. We apply the equivariance → families principle to a geometric family of Clifford module bundles with an action of a compact Lie group G to prove an equivariant version of Bismut’s families index theorem on the differential Borel quotient of the geometric family. 




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Heat Kernels and Dirac Operators

The past few years have seen the emergence of new insights into the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem for Dirac operators. In this book, elementary proofs of this theorem, and some of its more recent


  • On equivariant chern-weil forms and determinant lines,
  • 2016

Communications in Mathematical Physics

VoI.293:R.A.DeVore: The Approximation of Continous Functions by Positive Linear Operators VIII, 289 pages. 1972 DM 24,-; US $7.70 Vol.294: Stability of Stochastic Dynamical Systems Proceedings of the


The Atiyah-Singer index theorem for families of Dirac operators: Two heat equation proofs

SummaryThe purpose of this paper is to give two heat equation proofs of the Index Theorem of Atiyah-Singer for a family of Dirac operators.

The analysis of elliptic families. I. Metrics and connections on determinant bundles

In this paper, we construct the Quillen metric on the determinant bundle associated with a family of elliptic first order differential operators. We also introduce a unitary connection on λ and

On equivariant Chern-Weil forms and determinant lines

A strong from of invariance under a group G is manifested in a family over the classifying space BG. We advocate a differential-geometric avatar of BG when G is a Lie group. Applied to G-equivariant