Equivalence Relations Between the Cortie and Zürich Sunspot Group Morphological Classifications

  title={Equivalence Relations Between the Cortie and Z{\"u}rich Sunspot Group Morphological Classifications},
  author={V. Carrasco and L. Lef{\`e}vre and J. Vaquero and M. C. Gallego},
  journal={Solar Physics},
Catalogues of sunspots have been available with useful information about sunspots or sunspot groups for approximately the last 150 years. However, the task of merging these catalogues is not simple. We suggest a method of converting the types of sunspot groups that was proposed by Cortie (Astrophys. J.13, 260, 1901) into the well-known Zürich types of sunspot groups. To achieve this, we used the sunspot catalogue of the Valencia University Observatory (from 1920 to 1928) in addition to the… Expand
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