Equine laminitis: induced by 48 h hyperinsulinaemia in Standardbred horses.

  title={Equine laminitis: induced by 48 h hyperinsulinaemia in Standardbred horses.},
  author={Melody Anne de Laat and C M Mcgowan and Martin Sillence and Christopher Charles Pollitt},
  journal={Equine veterinary journal},
  volume={42 2},
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Hyperinsulinaemia is known to induce laminitis experimentally in healthy ponies with no history of the condition. Horses are more insulin sensitive than ponies and whether prolonged hyperinsulinaemia and euglycaemia would have a similar laminitogenic effect requires study. OBJECTIVES To determine if laminitis results when the prolonged euglycaemic hyperinsulinaemic clamp technique (p-EHC) is applied to clinically normal Standardbred horses, and to monitor hoof… CONTINUE READING

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