Equilibrium swelling properties of polyampholytic hydrogels

  title={Equilibrium swelling properties of polyampholytic hydrogels},
  author={Anthony E. English and Salvador Mafe and Jos{\'e} A Manzanares and Xiahong Yu and Alexander Y. Grosberg and Toyoichi Tanaka},
The role of counter ions and ion dissociation in establishing the equilibrium swelling of balanced and unbalanced polyampholytic hydrogels has been investigated experimentally and theoretically. The swelling dependence on both the net charge offset and the external bath salt concentration has been examined using an acrylamide based polyampholytic hydrogels. By careful consideration of the swelling kinetics, we illustrate the effects of ion dissociation equilibria and counter ion shielding in… CONTINUE READING


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Effect of calcium/sodium ion exchange on the osmotic properties and structure of polyelectrolyte gels.

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of engineering in medicine • 2015

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